Swimmers are placed in heats by time. The first heat is called the “SAIL heat” and it usually has the fastest swimmers. Swimmers who place first through sixth overall in the SAIL heat are awarded SAIL ribbons. SAIL ribbons are a little bigger than heat ribbons, which are awarded to the first through sixth swimmers in each of the subsequent heats. For Red Division swimmers, the 15-18 age group swimmers do not receive ribbons.


All swimmers who swam with the Sharks will receive a participation award.


This award is given at the end of the season to swimmers who legally swam all of the individual events in at least one dual meet. The idea is to encourage swimmers to swim in all events and improve their skills, not just stay with their favorite strokes. If your swimmer desires to try for ‘Ironman’, we encourage them to try each of those individual events in the beginning of the season (meets 1-4). The swimmers should be swimming their ‘Divisional events’ in the last swim meet (meet 5).

At the end of the season, one girl and boy from each age group receive the 100% award, which is based on improvement shown during the season as well as attitude and attendance. This selection process is also private.

100% Award

Coach's Choice

At the end of the season, each coach will select one swimmer to receive a “Coach’s Choice” award. This is based on overall attitude, being a positive example at practice and meets, effort shown, and contribution to the team. The selection process is done privately among the coaches.

High Point Award

One girl and boy from each age group win a trophy for earning the highest number of points at the Divisional Meet.

Championship and Classic Awards


Each Championship and Classic swimmer receives a place medal for each event swam, including relays.

First Place T-shirts:

The first place winner in each Championship and Classics event wins a T-shirt.

SCR Swim

Check out the SCR Swim Records for current records, some of which hold from the 1980s and others which have been recently set! Records may be set at any officially-timed SAIL meet.