Championships and Classics will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21,
at Westside Aquatic Center.

Qualifying Times

Swimmers participate in the Championships and Classics Meets based on times swam at the Divisional Meet. The 16 best times from all Divisional Meets qualify for the Classics Meet. The 17th through 40th best times qualify for the Championships Meet. Swimmers who qualify for Championships and Classics will be notified by telephone by one of the coaches on Sunday evening after Divisionals.


Your swimmer may qualify as an alternate in one or more events and could swim in place of an absent swimmer. Alternates must attend the meet until the Clerk of Course has called their event(s). Alternates should report to the clerk of course with all other swimmers when their event is called. If the alternate makes it to the last bench in the Clerk of Course area, the alternate swims the event.