Swimmer and Parent Responsibilities



Sugar Creek Swim Team members are expected to:

  1. Follow all directions and instructions from the coaching staff. Disruptions at practices or meets will not be tolerated.

  2. Be on time for practice.

  3. Enter the water FEET FIRST!!!! unless otherwise instructed by the coaches. Specific practice times will be set aside to work on dive entries.

  4. Know the meet events you are swimming and be present for them.

  5. Show good sportsmanship and team spirit at all swim team activities.

  6. Represent Sugar Creek in a positive way at all swim team activities.

  7. Do not leave a swim meet (home or away) until the area around you has been cleaned.

  8. Travel to the restroom with a swim friend or parent.

  9. Wear goggles.

  10. Wear cap or place hair in a ponytail.

  11. Only SCR swimmers are permitted to sit in the designated swimmer areas during swim team meets.


Please note that disruptive behavior will be handled on an individual basis. Repeated tardiness may result in disciplinary action. The swimmer may be asked to do push-ups, sit-ups, to sit against the wall, or to swim in an area separate from the rest of the team. A phone call to the swimmer’s parents from the Coach or Team Manager may also take place. In the case of an issue that arises at a swim meet, a swimmer may be sent home or scratched from an event of the meet. Swimmers who do not observe the conduct code risk dismissal from the team.


Parents of Sugar Creek Swim Team members are expected to:

  1. Join the team by volunteering for at least one job at each meet and helping during other team activities, such as spirit parties. Every family is expected to have a volunteer representative during one half of each meet in which their swimmer participates. This includes home and away meets.

  2. Get your swimmers to the pool on time for practices and meets.

  3. Let the coaches do the coaching. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to address them with the Team Manager, Coach, or SAIL representative directly. However, we ask that you speak to the official after, not during, practice. Another option is to leave a note in the swim team mailbox at the SCR 1 pool.

  4. Check your e-mail. This is an important method of our communication.

  5. Sign up for Rained Out for up-to-the-minute changes and reminders.

  6. Please also refer to the Sugar Creek Swim Team website where information will be posted: www.scrsharks.com.

  7. Communicate! Get vacation and intent forms in on time. Don’t let your swimmer be a no-show for meets. The vacation book will be with the coaches.

  8. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages during swim team events.

  9. Stand up and cheer! Encourage, support, and appreciate all swimmers’ efforts.

  10. Be on deck during swim meets and swim practices or have a responsible chaperone in charge of swimmers 10 & under and guppy swimmers.



Remember that all Meet Officials and Support Personnel are volunteers and should be treated with respect. Yelling at referees, timers, officials, coaches, other parents, or swimmers during all swim activities is not acceptable nor is criticizing an opposing team, its swimmers, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or gestures. Such behavior may be cause for dismissal from the swim deck, meet, or the team as deemed necessary by the Team Manager and/or the Executive Board of Directors.


To sign up via email: 

1.  Click on the following link.
2.  Input your phone number and check the accept terms and conditions box.
3.  You will receive a text message with a validation code.  Input the validation code on the website.
4.  You will be asked to subscribe to a private group. 

Enter Private Group Keyword – “SCRGUPPIES” for the Guppy group text
Enter Private Group Keyword – “SCRSHARKS” for the Shark group text.

 To sign up via text:

1.  Text SCRGUPPIES to 84483 to receive SCR Guppies alerts
2.  Text SCRSHARKS to 84483 to receive SCR Sharks alerts