Divisionals will be held Friday and Saturday, July 12-13, at SUGAR CREEK pool.

The Divisional Meet includes all teams in the Division. This meet is scored, with the top 13 swimmers in each event earning points for their team. Teams vie for “High Points” (total points scored) and “Quality Points” (total team points divided by number of “splashes” – the number of team swimmers in individual events). The top 60 SAIL swimmers in each event earn team points, which are totaled to determine divisional assignments for the next year’s season. This meet is the season culmination for the team. The days preceding the meet, known as “Shark Week”, include several spirit-building activities. Swimmers must have swum in two dual meets in order to participate in Divisionals.

All swimmers must submit an Intent to Swim form indicating whether or not the swimmer will participate in Divisionals. This same form requests confirmation of whether or not the swimmer will swim in Championships and Classics, if eligible.

Swimmers' Events

“What am I going to swim?” The coaches, based on the swimmer’s times during the season, choose divisional events. The swimmers are assigned events that will seed them at the highest position possible. The coach may consult the swimmer, but the decision ultimately belongs to the coach. The decisions made are to benefit both the swimmer and the team as a whole.

Just like for dual meets, a printout will list each swimmer’s name, Divisional event, and time. Swimmers and/or parents must check this computer printout for accuracy and make any necessary corrections before the SAIL rep submits it to the Division Manager.