swim meets

The Shark season includes five dual meets. Sugar Creek swims against each of the other four teams in the Red Division and one out-of-division team.


If inclement weather occurs or there is insufficient daylight left, meet events may be change/deleted. The meet referee and head coaches from each team will make the decisions regarding the course of the meet.



There are eight events in a meet. Each event is swam by girls, then boys, in each age group from youngest to oldest. The order of events is as follows:

1-10 Medley Relay
11-20 Short Free
21-30 Individual Medley
31-40 Breaststroke
41-50 Long Free
51-60 Backstroke
61-70 Butterfly
71-80 Free Relay


The coaches establish the relay teams. If there are sufficient swimmers, there may be more than one relay team in a given age group.



Home meets are always at the Sugar Creek I pool on Sugar Creek Road. Meets generally begin in the afternoons. Meet times and warm-up times will be announced the week of the meet. If you know in advance that your swimmer cannot attend one or more dual meets, please list the meets your swimmer will miss in the vacation notebook by the coaches’ mailbox at SCR I pool. This will assist the coaches in planning the heats for each event and will help to ensure that we have complete relay teams.



Individual Events: Each swimmer may swim a maximum of three individual events. Swimmers are encouraged to try new events. Coaches and swimmers discuss events and assignments are made Monday before the Thursday meet and entries are posted at Sugar Creek during practice. Swimmers will be encouraged to swim all six events during their first two to three meets of participation. The selection process for the last two meets will focus on events ultimately swam in Divisionals. We hope this interaction between the swimmer and the coaches will also help prevent the desire to scratch events.

Swimmers who wish to scratch an event during a meet must have approval from the coaches. Please note: if a swimmer decides to scratch an event during the meet or after the computer entries are finalized (Tuesday before a meet), an alternate event cannot be selected.

Make sure your swimmer knows which events he will be swimming before he goes to the meet. Then double-check the heat sheets posted at the pool. Please don’t leave the meet until your swimmer has completed all his/her events!


It is important for every swimmer to warm up before a meet. Warm-ups give swimmers the chance to stretch their muscles and, at away meets, to get used to a new pool, especially for turns. Warm-up times will be announced via e-mail (usually the home team warms-up first followed by the away team). Please plan to arrive to the pool 15 minutes before warm-up time. This will allow the swimmer to organize his belongings and find a spot in the designated team area.



Dual meets are not scored, but individual and relay times are recorded. Individual event and relay winners are reported in the Greenville News and on www.swimsail.org.

The Stroke and Turn judges will disqualify swimmers who use an “illegal” stroke or turn in the event. Disqualification (“DQ”) means that the swimmer’s time and place finish are not recorded and that he or she will not receive a ribbon for that event (although 8 & under swimmers are exempt during the first meet). DQ’s frequently occur with younger swimmers and are not a disgrace or sign of failure. It is simply an indication that the swimmer needs to work on the technique in question. The coaches are informed of all DQ’s and will put emphasis on helping swimmers improve those techniques at practice.


All swimmers are expected to clean the area around their chairs before leaving the meet (home or away). Parents, please assist your swimmer and the team by encouraging and supervising this practice of courtesy.

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